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Foreign Student Application

Ph.D. Program and Master Program

Application Time

First application submission period: November ~ January

Second application submission period: February ~ April

Application Method

1. Online registration (Application Websitehttp://exam.nkuht.edu.tw)

2. Print out online application documents, and email all relevant application materials to the foreign student application special mailbox before the registration deadline.

3. Within one week of submitting the application documents, please check if there is any receive notification in the email address.

Scholarship information

Type of Scholarship



Taiwan Scholarship

Please visit the website of Taiwan Scholarship Office http://tafs.mofa.gov.tw/SchDetailed.aspx?loc=tw&ItemId=2


ICDF Higher Education Scholarship Programs

Please visit the ICDF website: http://www.icdf.org.tw


NKUHT Foreign Student Scholarship

1. The quota will be decided by Foreign Student’s Scholarship Committee.

2. Please read the NKUHT regulations for Foreign Students in the following website: http://iao.nkuht.edu.tw/files/archive/1520_70bb9af6.pdf

3. Apply for the scholarship at the same time as for the admission.

1. For new students only.

2. New international students who have received Taiwan Scholarship are excluded.

3. A scholarship holder, during the effect of the scholarship, may be arranged to provide voluntary service on campus by the International Affairs Office.



Application Website: http://exam.nkuht.edu.tw

Application Information Announcement: http://foreign.nkuht.edu.tw/news/news.php?class=201

Admissions Information Website of NKUHT http://exam.nkuht.edu.tw/index.php

Please see the NKUHT Admissions Information Network Announcement for the latest changes


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