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黃榮鵬 Leo Huang

Name: Leo Huang
Telephone Office: +886 8060505 ext. 35151
Education: Ph.D., National Sun Yat-Sen University
Category: Full-Time
Position Titles: Professor
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school year Journal level Title (title)
106SSCI,Why Do Travel Agencies Choose to Undergo IPOs in Taiwan?
101SSCI,Social Media as a New Play in a Marketing Channel Strategy: Evidence from Taiwan Travel Agencies’ Blogs.
101SSCI,Building a Barrier-to-imitation Strategy Model in the Travel Agency Industry.
101SSCI,The development of an optimal multi-channel strategy model for travel agencies’ tourism business excellence.
100其他,How do Travel Agencies Obtain a Competitive Advantages?: Through a Travel blog Marketing Channel
100SSCI,How to Tell a Good Tour Guide under Different Strategic Orientations. Corresponding Author Accepted In Press
98SSCI,What Kind of Marketing Distribution Mix Can Maximize Revenues:The Wholesaler Travel Agencies'Perspective?
97SSCI,Bed and Breakfast Industry Adopting E-Commerce Strategies in E-Service
97SSCI,Exploring the Determinants of E-Loyalty among Travel Agencies
97SSCI,Strategic Orientation and Performance Measurement Model in Taiwan Travel Agencies.
95SSCI,Building up a B2B E-Commerce Strategic Alliance Model under an Uncertain Environment for Taiwan's Travel Agencies.
95SSCI,An Option Pricing Approach for Evaluating Agency Problem with Jump Risk between Airlines and Travel Agents
95其他,Rural Tourism Revitalisation of the Leisure Farm Industry by Implementing an E-commerce Strategy
94SSCI,Emerging E-Commerce Development Model for Taiwanese Travel Agencies.
93SSCI,A Study of Option Pricing Method in Agency Problem between Airlines and Travel Agents
92SSCI,The study of Senior Traveler Behavior in Taiwan.